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IMH Awards

Thu 23 Mar 2017


Awards ceremony will be held in Parliament

Wednesday 14th June


By invitation only

PIP UK is pleased to annouce that it is now accepting submissions for  the UK Infant Mental Health Awards presented in honour of its 2nd National Infant Mental Health Week 12-16th June 2017. Submission forms for the six award categories are now available at: Nominations must be recieved by 20th May 2017.

The theme for this year's infant mental health awareness week is 'Begin Before Birth' to highlight the importance of giving every baby  the best possible start in life begining in pregnancy. We are therefore in particular seeking nominations from individuals, projects and organisations who are focused on pregnancy as a window of change for life opportunities.

The categories for the awards ceremony are:

  1. Andrea Leadsom Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Infant Mental Health: for an exceptional and inspirational individual who has made an  outstanding contribution to the field of infant mental health nationally.
  2. Analeaf Award for Infant Mental Health Services: for an exceptional infant mental health service provider , who has demonstrated positive practise and has improved outcomes for both children and families.
  3. Infant Mental Health Practitioner: for an exceptional infant mental health practitioner who is innovative  in his/her approach to the field of infant mental health , and who continually delivers above and beyond what is expected.
  4. Locality Award for Infant Mental Health Inclusion: for a locality /or trust that has developed an integrated and inclusive infant mental health service to improve the lives of vulnerable infants, toddlers and their families.
  5. Infant Mental Health Researcher: for an individual researcher who has made a unique contribution to the growing body of knowledge through their research in the field of infant mental health.
  6. People's Choice Awards: nominations for this award will be made by an individual who has recieved support and/or treatment from an infant mental health service provider they believed to be of exceptional quality, resulting in a positive experience and improved wellbeing for their baby, toddler and/or family

An application form can be downloaded below: